About Us

DR Home Inspectors provides homeowners, home buyers, and investors throughout the Hudson Valley with a comprehensive home inspection to ensure that the purchase or sale of property goes as smoothly as possible.  Our goal is to educate our clients, giving them options so that they can make informed decisions. Home Inspector Dave Roth takes pride in DRHI’s work, always striving to provide the most accurate and thorough inspections around.

What is a Home Inspection?

A home inspection is a visual inspection of all the major components of a home.  Often done in connection with the sale of a home, a home inspection can be an invaluable tool for a buyer or seller.

For buyers looking to see if the home of your dreams is a smart investment, we can help.  HVHI provides a detailed report that can help you negotiate the best purchase price. For sellers looking to put your home on the market, HVHI can assist you in making educated decisions about the listing price for your home.

A home inspection can be an invaluable tool to a buyer or a seller


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  • “DR Home Inspectors helped us feel better about our decision in buying a home. Dave did a very good job and provided us with a detailed report on our new home.”

    Dolores C.
  • “Mr. Roth, answered my all questions during the inspection. Like a good doctor, he was very thorough and verbalized to me his impressions. This was very helpful to me since I'm planning to have work done at my home. Not only did he give me food for thought as to repairs (including whether some could be put off for now), but I learned quite a bit. Now I won't fall prey to those who oversell. I recommend Dave highly and strongly suggest investing in an inspection if you're considering renovations or repairs.”

    Nora C.