The American Society of Home Inspectors, or ASHI, sets the standards for property inspectors.  In order to become ASHI certified, home inspectors must pass rigorous examinations, perform more than 250 professional inspections and adhere to a strict code of ethics.  David Roth is proud to be ASHI certified and provide The ASHI Experience to each of his customers.

About Dave Roth

DR Home Inspections provides homeowners, home buyers, and investors throughout the Hudson Valley with a comprehensive home inspection to ensure that the purchase or sale of property goes as smoothly as possible.  Our goal is to educate our clients, giving them options so that they can make informed decisions. Home Inspector Dave Roth takes pride in DRHI’s work, always striving to provide the most accurate and thorough inspections around.


The Story

Dave Roth has spent his last 35 years working in the construction trades.  Over the course of his career, Dave has done it all, from laying foundations to putting up roofs and everything in between.

His skills as a carpenter and expertise as a general contractor have put him to work in every nook and cranny that exists in a home.  He’s run crews of 10 – 12 people as adeptly as his independent work as a handyman.

It’s safe to say that Dave knows a lot about homes.

Home inspections have become Dave’s passion.  After his formal education and study were complete, in 2015 Dave received his home inspection license and DR Home Inspectors was born.

His extensive experience has created the perfect foundation for a transition into the role of home inspector.  His invaluable life experience has provided a training ground and the knowledge necessary to provide home buyers and sellers the information they need to make educated decisions.


Why Does Dave Enjoy Inspecting Homes?

“My favorite part of my job is educating my clients.  I enjoy it when my clients want to join me for the home inspection because it gives me the opportunity to show them the potential issues, share with them my thoughts on how to fix the problem, help them understand the cost of making the repairs and ultimately helping them make quality decisions.  It’s great to be able to provide them with information and give them options.”


Nora C.

“Mr. Roth, answered my all questions during the inspection. Like a good doctor, he was very thorough and verbalized to me his impressions. This was very helpful to me since I’m planning to have work done at my home. Not only did he give me food for thought as to repairs (including whether some could be put off for now), but I learned quite a bit. Now I won’t fall prey to those who oversell. I recommend Dave highly and strongly suggest investing in an inspection if you’re considering renovations or repairs.”

Dolores C.

“DR Home Inspectors helped us feel better about our decision in buying a home.  Dave did a very good job and provided us with a detailed report on our new home.”