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Home Wiring

Home Wiring

Faulty or outdated wiring is one of the main issues we find and need to address during our home inspections.  Not only is outdated wiring a concern for today’s tech-savvy homeowner, but it is also a very common cause of house fires.

Whether you are buying a home, selling a home, or are a property manager, knowing about any issues with faulty wiring and the potential dangers that may exist can be important to prevent a tragic house fire.

Older Homes

Homes built during the 1950’s and prior were wired utilizing a fuse and fuse box system.  This type of system is very outdated and unable to handle the type of electrical loads needed today.

Other issues we often find in older homes are exposed wires.  Exposed wires are more susceptible to damage such as fraying.  Frayed and damaged wires are most definitely a fire hazard.

Outdated Wiring

When a home has outdated wiring it often means there is an inadequate number of outlets for use in each room.  This leads to people taking matters into their own hands and running extension cords from room to room.  While they will be able to power up the devices they need, they are overloading the circuits which puts a strain on the entire system.

Home Additions

Many times when inspecting a home we encounter additions.  Whether they were built by professionals or by the homeowners themselves, how the home was wired during the construction of an addition requires a close up look.  We often find spliced wires (especially in drop ceilings) or wiring that is not up to code which could create issues down the line for the homeowner.

The good news is that once you are aware of wiring issues, you can take steps to make the necessary improvements so that the home is safe and your investment is protected.  We would love to help you!  Give us a call at 845-863-3326 to set up an appointment or head to our website https://drhomeinspectors.com/ and schedule your appointment there.