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Why Inspections are Important for Home Sellers

Why Inspections are Important for Home Sellers

Most people think of home inspections as something buyers do before deciding to move forward with the purchase of a home.  Here’s what you may not know: a home inspection could be your most valuable investment when considering selling your home. Read on to find out what a home inspection can do for home sellers.

Understand the True Condition of Your Home

A thorough home inspection by a trained inspector will reveal existing problems with the condition of your home as well as signs problems are on the horizon. Inspections check for a variety of potential problems, paying special attention to common issues like:

  • Roofing problems
  • Foundation problems
  • Wiring hazards
  • Plumbing problems
  • Soundness of flooring
  • Signs of water damage

Depending on the type of inspection you choose, your inspection might also check for termites, radon, lead, asbestos, and/or mold.

Repair Flaws in Your Home Before Placing it on the Market

Once you are aware of the potential problems in your home, you can make an educated decision about which flaws are necessary to repair and which you will allow to slide. That doesn’t mean any flaws will be potential deal breakers with buyers. Knowing what is wrong allows you to choose which problems you’re prepared to tackle before putting your home on the market.

Set an Appropriate Asking Price for Your Home

If you know about issues with the home that you aren’t interested in repairing before putting your home on the market, you might consider setting a lower asking price to account for those problems and revealing that information in the listing. Doing so helps to establish trust with potential buyers, and helps you sell your home faster.

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