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Roof Inspection

Roof Inspection

A home is more than just a roof over your head but, boy, is it important!

When it comes to buying a home the health of the roof is often a major concern.  Which makes sense, considering that repairing or replacing one is a BIG EXPENSE.  According to Home Advisor, the national average cost to repair or install a roof is $7538, with a low estimate of around $1200 and a high estimate as much as $30,000.

When it comes to inspecting your roof, a skilled home inspector is not afraid to get up on a really tall ladder. This is crucial to see what is really going on!

Some of the main concerns include areas covered with moss or piles of leaves, bucked, damaged, or missing shingles and the health of your gutters.


One of the reasons that moss is a warning sign is that it eats away at materials it covers.  The presence of moss can drastically age your roof, making repairs and/or replacement necessary sooner rather than later.  Any area that is covered with moss or a pile of leaves is an indication that there may be leaks and or water damage.


Buckling, damaged or missing shingles gives weather direct access to your home.  Water is not your home’s friend; it goes where it wants to go and causes issues to everything in its wake.


If a home’s gutters are not in good condition and doing their job (carrying water and debris away from your home), it can create problems for your roof.  If there are joints that are not fully sealed, this can be a big issue. You’ll want your home inspector to pay close attention to that particular spot.

Whether you are buying a home, selling a home, or are a property manager, understanding what a healthy roof looks like can help you avoid expensive repairs.

We would love to help.  We offer a Platinum Roof Warranty with all our home inspections which covers your roof for the cost of repairs for up to 5 years after your inspection.  Give us a call at 845-863-3326 to set up an appointment or head to our website https://drhomeinspectors.com/ and schedule your appointment there.