Inspection Services

No two properties are alike and no two situations are alike.  As a result, no two home inspections are identical.  DRHI strives to be sure that each customer receives the home inspection services that are needed for their particular situation and property.

DR Home Inspectors offers a range of services that include:

  • Home Maintenance Inspections
  • Property Listing Inspections
  • New Construction Inspections
  • Radon Testing
  • Mold Testing
  • Water Testing
  • Wood Destroying Organisms
    • Your Home Inspection Report

      In most cases, DRHI will have your detailed home inspection report ready within 24 hours.  Our reports are digitized for your convenience and can be sent directly to your email inbox.

      The report will include details of what was discovered during the inspection of your property, with photos to help illustrate the findings and notes about what can be done to fix the concerns.

      In the reports overview is broken up in such a way that you can see the potential safety hazards, the areas of major concern as well as what upgrades would offer improvements to the property and which are simply items that you will need to keep your eyes on.

      If you have any questions about DR Home Inspections’ reports and what types of information they provide, we invite you to reach out to us.  We can be reached by calling 845-863-3326 or sending us an email at hudsonvalleyhomeinspections@gmail.com.

    • Other Types of Inspections

      In addition to the standard home inspection services such as home maintenance inspections, property listing inspections, and new construction inspections and the specific inspections listed above including mold, radon and water quality, DRHI offers a wide variety of services.

      We can help with specific inspections such as mold assessmentsradon testing and a water quality analysis.  You can find a description of these services on this page.

      DRHI can also help homeowners, buyers, sellers, and investors, by offering additional services.

      Some of our additional services include the following:

      • Wood Destroying Organism Review
    • Warranties

      Protect your investment with our warranty programs, included in every inspection.  Below you’ll find a brief description, for detailed information, click the links to take a look at the full policy.

      90 Day Warranty – Our 90 limited warranty offers protection against structural or mechanical failures that went undetected during the inspection.  Best of all there is no deductible!   View the full policy.

      Sewer Guard – Our sewer guard offers coverage for water or sewer line issues due to normal wear and tear for 90 days after your inspection.  View the full policy here.

      Mold Safe – Mold found in your home that was not present during your inspection, will be covered for remediation with our mold safe warranty.  View the full policy.

      Platinum Roof – Leaks in your roof for 5 years after your inspection will be taken care of with our platinum roof warranty protection.  View the full policy.

      Recall Check – Our recall check program looks for manufacturer recalls on all household appliances and provides you with information to get the product repaired or replaced. View the full policy.

    • Mold Assessment

      Water can be a home’s biggest enemy. Water flows wherever it wants to go and a small leak can cause thousands of dollars of damage. One potentially harmful result of water damage is mold.

      Mold can spread throughout an entire home, and invade your furniture, clothing and even enter the home through vents. Black mold is the most common type and it results from chronic water intrusion and unfortunately can be difficult to get rid of. If you have a leak, be sure to have someone look at it immediately before it causes costly damage.

      If you suspect that the home you are buying or selling has an issue with mold, it is a good idea to order a mold assessment. DRHI does mold assessments and offers flexible scheduling, so give us a call if you have mold questions or concerns.

    • Water Quality Analysis

      Over 21 million Americans rely on water from a private well.

      Unlike public water systems that are regulated by the EPA, a private well falls into the responsibility of its owner.

      DR Home Inspections offers water quality analysis services so that homeowners can find out if their water is safe and if it contains safe amounts of contaminants such as sulfur, lead, and nitrates.

      It’s best to have inspections once a year and to learn as much as possible about the well and its history before buying a new home.

      Give DRHI a call to find out more about our water quality analysis services.

    • Radon Testing

      Did you know that Radon is the number one cause of lung cancer for non-smokers and is responsible for 21,000 deaths per year?

      DR Home Inspections offers radon testing to ensure you and your family are safe from this radioactive, natural gas.  Radon cannot be seen, smelled or tasted so it is not easily detected.  If you are moving into a new home or trying to sell yours, DRHI highly recommends adding a Radon Test to your home inspection.  Give us a call if you would like more information or to schedule your Radon Test today.